look to the cookie…
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drop cookies – chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, cowboy, peanut butter, lacy oatmeal, hermits, Russian teacakes, maple walnut, oatmeal, white chocolate, cherry, rocks, vanilla brown edge wafers, jam thumbprints, oatmeal butterscotch, peanut butter kisses, ox tongues, raisin spice, ginger, triple chocolate, coconut macaroons, swedish nut, lemon snowballs, old-fashioned soft vanilla sugar, snicker-doodles, chocolate butterscotch chip

If people would only look to the cookie,
all our problems would be solved.”

Jerry Seinfeld
(b. 1954)

rolled/filled – old-fashioned cut-outs, jam tarts, hungarian kipfels, rugelah, nut tassies, madeleines, almond butter spritz, linzer, eggnog spritz

biscotti – chocolate hazelnut, mocha walnut, honey almond, white chocolate cherry cashew, orange pistachio cranberry, apricot hazelnut, plum cinnamon almond

gluten free cookies and biscotti – most flavors available!

organic cookies made with 100% organic ingredients – most flavors available!


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