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Layer cakes – see them HERE

Cookies – see them HERE

Strawberry short cake – layers of buttery pound cake, fresh whipped cream and sweetened strawberries

Creamy rice pudding served with fresh berries

Crème brulee – rich, velvety smooth custard topped with crunchy caramelized brown sugar

Chocolate pot de crème – creamy delicious chocolate custard served with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings

I’m not a vegetarian! I’m a dessertarian!”
Bill Watterson, Creator of Calvin & Hobbes
(b. 1958)

Upside-down cake – pineapple, triple berry, pumpkin cranberry or banana walnut

Fruit cobblers – peach, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, rhubarb or a combination of any fruit

Fresh fruit tart – vanilla pastry cream or lemon curd filling topped with seasonal fresh fruit and berries

Chocolate pecan tart – rich sticky pecan filling with chocolate chips in a buttery pastry crust

Custard pies – raspberry, coconut, blueberry, rhubarb, peach, blackberry

Cream pies – chocolate, banana or coconut topped with whipped cream

Crumb pies – apple, strawberry rhubarb, peach, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, triple berry, cherry topped with sweet crumble

Lemon meringue pie – tart. light. fluffy. yummmm

Life is short. Eat dessert first.”
Ernestine Ulmer, Author

Key lime pie topped with meringue

Pecan pie – like no other…

Pumpkin pie – also like no other.

Tarte tatin – rustic French apple upside down tart

Frangipane tart – creamy almond filling topped with apples, peaches, cherries or pears and cinnamon sugar

Chocolate ganache tart with toasted pecan crust and fresh red raspberries

Lemon or key-lime bars – sweet & tart!

Brownies/blondies – ummmmm… YEAH!

Cheesecake – original, deep dark chocolate, chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, raspberry or blueberry swirl, peach with gingersnap crust, peanut butter brownie, almond with raspberries, key lime, cappuccino swirl

If music be the food of life, play on.”
William Shakespeare

Gingerbread trifle – fresh gingerbread, pumpkin pudding, and whipped cream

Flourless chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache

Fruit crisps – apple, apricot, pear, peach, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry

Peach melba shortcakes – tender, fluffy cakes with fresh peaches, raspberries, raspberry sauce and whipped cream


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