the foodleigh story


The story started many years ago with a muffin. Well, more accurately, the story began with the uncomplicated idea of making people happy by creating outstanding food to share. It’s a straightforward concept that chef-made meals can in fact be delicious, worry-free, nutritious and budget friendly. It’s the idea which motivates to offer the best restaurant quality heat-and-serve cuisine and catering services your money can buy. And, yes, our story started with a muffin.


Back in 1995, Leigh Urwiler operated a consignment shop in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Day in and day out, she enjoyed running her own business while getting to know her customers. Items came in, items came out. It was fun.

One day Leigh baked a batch of muffins unlike any muffins ever baked before. They were beyond description. Really. She brought those muffins to the shop and set them on the counter to share with her clientele. By chance, Leigh’s great aunt (Aunt Theresa, God love her) happened to be visiting that day. She spotted the muffins (or as legend has it, the muffins’ smell called to her not unlike the Pied Piper’s magical flute) and proceeded to eat one.

“Leigh,” Aunt Theresa began, “you should sell these.”

“Aunt Theresa, this is a consignment shop, not a bakery.” Leigh said.

“Maybe you’re missing your calling, then.” Aunt Theresa finished.

And the rest, dear friends, is history.


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